Trees 2021 Vote For Your Favourite Tree

Win a $500 SHOP! card from CF Champlain!

5 stunning Christmas trees are now available at CF Champlain for our Trees for a Brighter Future auction!
How can you win a SHOP! card?

View the Trees

Head on over to CF Champlain in front of La Vie en Rose & Fossil to view our trees.  Each Tree is numbered to correspond to the item number in the auction. The tree description in the online auction has the unique hashtag for that tree.
  1. #winterwonderland
  2. #silverwilderness
  3. #canadianchristmas
  4. #candyland
  5. #rosegoldelegance

Vote for your Favourite

Take a picture of your favourite tree and upload a photo (preferably with you in it!) to our Facebook event page.
Have fun with it! Make SURE you give the correct #hashtag of the tree so we can track the votes.
- This is the link to the Facebook Event Page for Trees

Bid on your Favourite

Our online event, Trees for a Brighter Future,  includes a tree auction, so head to the event site on to place your bid.  Remember all proceeds go to Inclusion Advocacy!
The draw for the gift card will be held at the event on December 3rd.
Our online auction site where you can get event tickets and bid on the trees:
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