Trees for a Brighter Future

What is Trees for a Brighter Future?

treesOur goal is to shine a light on the issues that stand in the way of the individuals we support and
give them a chance to be part of a school, job, and the community, to have a “Brighter Future”!

The Trees for a Brighter Future Event begins with a tree decorating "Kick Off" takes place at Assumption Place the first week of November. Artificial trees provided by various sponsors are decorated in Assumption Place and left on display for the community to enjoy.  They are decorated by "tree sponsors", businesses and individuals in the community.   Competition is fierce among the businesses, each trying to out do the other in creating their masterpieces. The trees will be on display until the Gala where they are auctioned off live. The Gala also includes a sit down dinner followed by live and silent auctions. The “Trees for a Brighter Future” Gala is the conclusion to a month long fund raising initiative.


Sponsor an Auction Tree

IA SENB will have a limited number of 7 to 7.5 foot artificial Christmas Trees, which will be auctioned Live during the Gala November 22.

To Sponsor one of these Trees.

  • Reserve your Tree: there a limited number of Trees so reserve yours as soon as possible no later than Oct 25 by contacting IA SENB at or calling 857-8899 and asking for Connie or Jessica
  • Pick a Theme for the decorations of your Tree
  • Gather your decorations, must include tree lights, a tree skirt and topper),
  • Gather your team of decorators and show up at the Assumption Place on Saturday, Nov 02, between 9:30 & 12:30
  • ENJOY the festive atmosphere and some seasonal refreshments while you decorate your Tree.
  • Provide IA SENB with your Logo, the Theme and a brief description of your Tree

Canadian Tire Tree Business Ad

Canadian Tire Mountain Rd has generously offered to support IA SENB by providing businesses with the opportunity to advertise their business. Businesses pay an 1,100.00 fee to IA SENB and their business’s (logo, name, and location) is prominently displayed on a fully decorated artificial Christmas tree) acknowledging their community support, at the Canadian Tire Mountain Road location, during November and December.

Canadian Tire Mountain Road receives upwards of 60 thousand customers during this period.

To advertise your business on a CT Tree:

  • Reserve your Tree: Contact IA SENB at or calling 857-8899 and asking for Connie or Jessica
  • An initial payment of $500 payable to IA SENB, is required no later than October 21, 2019 (again there are a limited number of Trees so reserve yours asap).
  • Select the options provided the Tree you want your business advertised on. (Selection is on a first come basis)
  • Provide IA SENB with Your Logo, name and location you want on the signage that will be place on the Tree no later than Oct 21 to allow time for printing of signage.
  • The balance of $600 is required no later than November 08, 2019!


We can discuss the options for the Tree once the campaign is concluded.

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