This service is currently unavailable due to funding not being renewed.

Preparing Individuals

The Board of Directors and Families are grateful to have received a one year extension (starting April 2013), from DEPTL for our pre-employment service. Our FLEX, Pre Employment service continues to serve approximately 100 adults with one staff position. Approximately 35 to 40 individuals are actively supported at any given time. The purpose of this service is to help better prepare individuals for employment in their community.

Under Employed

85% of individuals with a disability are un or under employed and that percentage is higher for individuals with an intellectual disability. While this is a significant statistic, which clearly indicates more needs to be done, we are making some progress with the individuals we serve. We are looking forward to an the opportunity to participate in the dialogue with our Provincial Government regarding the future of the Employee Assistant Service Contract, in an effort to ensure these services continue to be available to the individuals we represent and serve.

Ready Willing & Able

Message from CASDA Chair and CACL President


It is so much more than just having a job. It is a critical step to leading a fulfilling life for any adult. It is a chance to create the life you want. A job builds self-esteem, gives us a sense of accomplishment, participation, contribution, and enables the creation of friendships and relationships.

Sadly, for more than 500,000 working aged Canadians with intellectual disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), a meaningful job is not part of their reality. Only 1 in 4 persons with intellectual disabilities or ASD are gainfully employed. Most spend their days with little community contact in segregated work or day activity centers. Their reality is a life of reliance on social assistance benefits, more often than not resulting in a life of isolation and poverty.

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