Our Logo and Name

A lot of thought and reflection went into our LOGO Design.

The Colours represent

Teal conveys: growth, strength and spirit
Purple conveys: dignity, independence, and creativity
Navy Blue conveys: loyalty, wisdom and confidence

The 3 Figures represents


  • of the people we serve through the Partnerships between our association & the community
  • the 3 Counties we serve Westmorland, Albert & Kent (South East NB).

The Wave represents

  • the CURRENT of our association’s ADVOCAY flowing through our community
  • the EMPOWERMENT – giving Voice to (and when necessary for) the Individuals & families through our association’s ongoing ADVOCACY
  • the ACHIEVEMENTS and the efforts, actions within our communities towards INCLUSION

The Placement of the Symbol represents

UNITY / SUPPORT - embracing and bringing together the DIVERSITY/ EQUITY
in the individuals; families; language, and within our communities

The Words in our Slogan represents

A CALL TO ACTION - by ALL for Full and Meaningful INCLUSION
(All these words are Verbs!)

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