Community Adult Literacy Program (CALP)

The purpose of the CALP is to improve and promote literacy and adult learning in the Southeast Region.   This CALC (Community  Adult  Learning  Centre)  is one of  21 operated  under  the South  East Regional Adult Learning Board  (SERALB)  and is  funded  by  the New Brunswick  Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour.

Inclusion Advocacy has one of the longest running Adult Literacy  Programs  in the  area (over 20 years).

Grant Funding

Inclusion Advocacy lost the funding for this program and are no longer offering it. We are continuing to engage all levels of government, foundations and businesses to try to restart this program.

If you have any contacts that can help us, please email our executive director at

Serving Adults

It serves approximately  15 - 18 adults,  most of whom are in their  40’s and  50’s.  Many of these students would have received  little literacy/numeracy  instruction while they were in school. The students , all of whom attend on a part-time basis, are upgrading their reading, writing and math skills.

Pride in their Achievements

In addition to these subjects, time is  spent on life skills and current  events of interest  to the students.  The students take great pride in their classwork and are always so pleased  with the improvement in their skills.  They especially appreciate that the class is set up to allow  them to progress at  their own  pace and at a time that is convenient  for them.  They are proud of  their achievements and rightfully so.  In the past,  three of the students received  awards  for their literacy  achievements.

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