Bill C-22

The Latest Information about Bill C-22: Canada Disability Benefit

Thank you to everyone who has helped to support the passage of this important legislation. As a result of your advocacy, this issue is getting the attention it deserves from parliamentarians and the Canadian public.

The good news - your support is working. Don't stop now!!

Next Tuesday, October 17, Parliament will resume 2nd Reading debate on Bill C-22: legislation to create the Canada Disability Benefit. You can watch the live proceedings at approximately 10:00am EST here.

We still need your support to ensure that this bill passes as quickly as possible so that people with a disability in Canada receive this much-needed monthly benefit without delay. We have never been this close to having a national disability benefit in this country before. The quicker the bill is passed, the sooner the government can start working on regulations to get the benefit to people with disabilities who need it.

We need your help! MPs need to hear from you.

We have created a new and improved letter specific to the current status of the bill. Keep the pressure up and send this letter to your MP today! (See links below)

If you have already sent a letter before, send this new one. Tell your family and friends as well. Tell your MP why this is important and matters to you and your family. Or maybe this is for a friend that you know and will make a difference for.

Let's amplify our collective voices on this important issue.


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