2022 Recipient of CIBC Foundation Grant

Announcing - Inclusion Advocacy SENB - 2022 Recipient of, CIBC Foundation Grant, in Support of Youth with IDD

Inclusion Advocacy SENB (IA SENB), recently received a grant from the CIBC Foundation (CIBC).

Thanks to this grant, IA SENB is enabled to enhance their efforts in support of youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD), (some of the more vulnerable members of our community), to plan,
have hope and opportunities for, better quality of life and more enhanced futures in their community.

Project Information:
Executive Director, Connie Melanson-Savoy is pleased to announce IA SENB, is the successful recipient of a $20,000. grant from NBCF. The funds will contribute to IA SENB’s initiative to
establish Person Centred Planning (PCP), and Skill Development for Youth with IDD Program. The program will focus on youth who have a desire to develop their workplace
essential skills and who are seeking to become more “job ready. This program will include participants’ active involvement in developing personalized PCP future/transition plans to
develop self-identified learning goals, to assist these youth in better preparing for transition to more successful work experiences.

IA SENB is excited to about this initiative and is very grateful for the CIBC’s grant program.

About Inclusion Advocacy SENB

Dedicated to attaining full participation in community life, ending exclusion and discrimination based on IDD, promoting respect for diversity and advancing human rights to ensure equity for all.
We are a family-based association working with and on behalf of and assisting people, with IDD, of all ages, and all stages of their lives, and their families, in Southeast New Brunswick, to lead the way in
advancing inclusion in their own lives and in their communities.  We do this by, sharing information, fostering leadership for and promoting inclusion and inclusive communities, engaging community
leaders and policy makers, seeding innovation, and supporting research.

About CIBC
Built on our longstanding history of supporting our communities, the CIBC Foundation serves our commitment to creating a world without limits to ambition.
Championing inclusive communities: increasing access to education and employment outcomes for underserved communities, with a focus on reskilling, upskilling, and addressing the digital

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